Free In February

Walking At Night (A collection of horror) will be available free of charge from Amazon the last day of February, 2012. The promotion is scheduled to begin at midnight the morning of February 29th and will run until the end of the day. Amazon Prime members can also borrow the book for free before, during, or after the promotional period.

Amazon Exclusive

Both of Brian’s available titles (Into the Badlands and Walking At Night are now available exclusively at Amazon. The reasoning behind this decision is explained on the author’s blog.

This means both titles have been removed from all other ebook sellers, such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, Apple, and Smashwords. It also means that Amazon Prime members can borrow the books for free. Into the Badlands can still be purchased in paperback.

Since all of Brian’s titles are DRM-free, they can be purchased from Amazon and converted to any other eBook format via Calibre, the free eBook management application.