Muster Drill Out to Beta Readers

Brian’s latest “zombie” horror novella, Muster Drill, was sent to beta readers last week. Once beta reading and feedback is complete, final revisions will be made before sending the manuscript off to the editor and proofreader. Expected release date on this book mid to late November, 2012.

Weekend Pass Results

The Desolate moved 893 copies in the US and 195 copies in the UK. Germany and Italy also clocked in with a few downloads. In the Horror category the book ranked as high as #10 in the US Kindle store and reached #9 in the UK. The Desolate reached a rank of 364 in the overall US Kindle store (out of 1 million titles) and 225 in the UK.

In all the book totaled 1,096 copies moved over the course of two free days.

Thanks to anyone who picked up a copy. Hope you enjoy it!