Familiar Lies

I’m planning on writing Familiar Lies without an outline. I know I go back and forth on that, but I think on this one I should discover what happens to Max Williamson’s sonĀ the same way he does.

Dean Wesley Smith calls this writing into the dark. He’s even written a book on it. I don’t know that every book should be written with or without an outline, but I now know that every book is a little different. Sometimes, I think, the approach will vary. It has for me, at least. This will be my tenth novel, so maybe I’m getting good enough at this whole writing thing to feel confident enough to go at it with no map. šŸ™‚

I honestly don’t know what happened to the son. Was it foul play? Not sure. I don’t know what Max is going to find out. I have some suspicions, but I’ll have to wait and see if they’re confirmed. I do know that Kevin Williamson was not the person his father–or anyone else, for that matter–thought he was.

I also know that Max is not who he thinks he is.

A lot of people are like that.

It should be great fun. I’ll post more about how the process is goingĀ once I’m furtherĀ into it.