Another good week with a lot of progress. As of Saturday I found myself nine days into the new novel, Familiar Lies, and having more fun writing this book than I thought I could have without an outline. I don’t know what Max’s son may or may not have done, I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I surely don’t know how it’s going to end.

And that’s okay.

As I write my tenth novel, I’m starting to feel a confidence level that I haven’t before had. I’m trusting the process and trusting that my subconscious will cook up what I need as I go. I’m familiar enough with good story structure these days to know if the book is going off the rails or not and my style is settling into patterns with which I’m comfortable.

In other words, I think I’m getting the hang of it.

As for the past week, here’s the word count breakdown of January 17th through January 23:

  • Sun: 1,368
  • Mon: 1,668
  • Tue: 811
  • Wed: 1,427
  • Thu: 1,343
  • Fri: 905
  • Sat: 1,350

Total: 8,872 words

On Tuesday I only managed one sprint, so that 811 number is actually a pretty good pace. Friday was exactly the opposite; two sprints netted me only 905 words. That happens.

Averaging it out, I hit 1,267 words per day, a number I’m noticing more often than not these days in my spreadsheet. I think I’m slowing down because I’m being more deliberate with what I put on the page. I’m much more concerned with getting it right the first time now, even if that’s slower. Outside of circling back the next day and giving what I just wrote a quick proofread, I won’t rewrite those words again. This is changing my pace, but ultimately since I’m not rewriting things to death I’m spending less time overall. A net gain in time and I don’t have to suffer through rewriting (which is the worst).

I’m 69 days without a miss as of today, including up through this morning. Writing every day has had a tremendous impact on me, keeping me in the story, allowing the words to accumulate at a pace I’ve never before seen and it has created a habit that I can hardly consider breaking now.

And writing is more fun than ever.