A Milestone Day

I had a milestone day yesterday:



  • 100,000 new words written in 2016
  • 300,000 new words written since adopting Chris Fox’s “sprinting” method
  • 1,000,000 new words written since I started writing in 1992

That last number is 1 million, by the way; total word count since my very first short story ever written.

Time to get started on the next million words. 🙂

A New Book and Price Drops

With Out of the Badlands going live on April 16th, I’ve decided to run a sale on book #1 in the trilogy. For a limited time you can pick up Into the Badlands for $.99 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple or Smashwords. If you haven’t already started the series, now’s a great time to do so.

I’ve also decided to lower the price on my weird western, The Saint, the Sinner and the Coward, to $.99 during the remainder of the preorder. That’s 75% off the regular $3.99 price. You can preorder at this reduced price from Amazon, Kobo, Apple or Smashwords. Hurry though; sale ends on May 21st. (Don’t worry; if you already preordered at the full price you’ll be charged the lower, discounted price on release day.)

I also have a new book for preorder called Familiar Lies. It’ll be released July 5th and is on sale for $.99 during the preorder period – 75% off the regular price. Here’s the gist:

When Max Williamson’s teenage son Josh died in a climbing accident, Max’s world fell apart.

But a year later when Max stumbles upon a letter hidden in his son’s room—a letter that suggests Josh might have been murdered—Max begins his own investigation.

As he gets closer to the truth about what really happened to his son, Max finds himself caught up in a seedy underworld of lies, corruption and exploitation. Max quickly becomes a target and the only way to stay alive is to expose the truth.

But the truth is a double edged sword. What Max learns could save his life.

Or the truth could just as easily tear him apart.

This one is Amazon only for now and you can preorder here.

The Trilogy Is Complete

My Badlands Trilogy is finally complete.

I started this series back in 2011. Into the Badlands was the first book I’d written after discovering I could publish myself on this “Kindle” thingamajig. I made a lot of mistakes while also getting a lot of it right with this book. I learned more than I can explain writing and publishing this book (I also sold a ton of them, which didn’t hurt).

I teed it up for a sequel, but it took two years before I finally published that book, aptly titled Beyond the Badlands.

Then it took another three years for the third book in the trilogy, Out of the Badlands, to finally see the light of day.

All these years later, Into the Badlands literally changed my life.

So, I humbly offer up to you the final book in the trilogy, available for preorder right now. It’ll hit your Kindle on April 16th and you’ll save a buck if you preorder now.

Either way, I hope you dig it.