At the end of September, I thought I’d be super productive in October.

Turns out, not so much.

I suppose I might have been a little too optimistic. I hadn’t even really started the new job (meaning I hadn’t been deployed to the client site) and, frankly, I was still upset over what happened to cause me to leave my old job.

In other words, I wasn’t ready.

But now here I am, more than a month on-site at the client and a month further removed from the turmoil of work. The new gig isn’t bad so far and is starting to feel kinda familiar. It’s stable, so that’s helped me get into the right headspace, I think.

Toward the end of October, I buckled down and got myself back into the writing routine. My optimism is better and with the distractions mostly gone, I started pumping out some words. I found myself disinterested in the novel I was writing, so I put it on hold. I’ll finish Kryptos next year (I haven’t abandoned the novel and still want to finish it), but for now, I felt like I needed something different on which to focus my attention.

Around this time last year, I finished a book called Yesterday In Black. It was the first book in a planned novella series about a man who lost his family to a serial killer and sort of stumbles into a new line of work as a private eye, hunting down killers. Each book would feature Tom searching for a killer, all the while hunting for the man who killed his family.

I dug the book and it’s gotten good feedback from those who’ve read it, but sales were lackluster. I suppose I took that as a sign the series wasn’t worth my focus, so I put the second book on hold.

Now, however, I think that a series needs to have my buy-in before readers feel confident buying-in themselves. In other words, if I can’t write three or four of these then why is a reader going to think that I’ll ever finish the series? One of the worst things about a series is when it never resolves due to a premature end (remember Deadwood?)

So…I’ve been working every morning on the new book since the first of the month, and it’s coming along nicely (sitting at around 10% complete right now). It’s called I Am the Darkness and I’m on track to finish the manuscript by the end of November. That means it’s possible that I could publish it before Christmas. We’ll see how that goes. Either way, I’m planning on writing at least two or three more of these books to prove my commitment to the series and to give it a solid base on which to grow. Since these books are shorter (half the size of a novel), I can turn them around a lot faster than a novel. I can sell them a little cheaper too.

Now that I’m “back in the saddle”, so to speak, I have a lot of plans for 2017. More Tom Miller books, more horror, some crime thrillers, and possibly more Badlands books. Ambitious, maybe, but I’m looking forward to telling more stories. Stay tuned.