NosferatuShadowHorror is dead, some say. Many say that about horror fiction in particular.

“The market is glutted,” they say. “Nobody writes horror anymore. That went out with the 1980s.”

And yet horror movies are consistently raking in top dollar at the box office. Stephen King’s It was the number five top-grossing movie of 2017.

Clearly, plenty of folks are watching horror movies. I find it hard to believe that none of these people read.

While some horror writers of yesteryear are denying their roots, there are some fantastic horror writers alive and well and unabashedly writing horror. Ronald Malfi, Tim Curran, Keith C. Blackmore, Joe R. Landsdale, and more.

As for me, I keep coming back to horror. Give me dark and cloudy nights, full moons, creepy shadows, walking dead, and serial killers any day. Even the crime fiction I write has a dark, dark lining.

So I’ll keep writing horror because it suits me. Unabashedly and honestly.

Count on that.