Greetings from the depths of the murky abyss!

I know it’s been a while since anybody’s seen anything from me. I’ve been kind of distracted these past few months, spending my time playing guitar and rebuilding a new pedalboard.

That’s not to say I haven’t been writing. I have a new Badlands novel manuscript a quarter of the way finished and a new weird western half-baked. Plus, I have another horror novel sitting in the wings.

For my creative process, I need space in my head for a story to gestate. Unfortunately, my headspace is limited and it’s been filled up with other stuff. First it was the health issues, then it was lots of overtime at the day job. Now it’s been guitar that’s stolen my attention away.

I’m hesitant to give dates, but it’ll be very soon that I plan to get back to these stories. And it won’t be long after that that you’ll start seeing some new books coming your way. Definitely new stuff out in 2020.

For everyone who’s stuck with me over the past couple of years, I say thank you for your patience. Writing is a passion of mine, but not the only one. Sometimes I get consumed by other things, but I’ll always come back to writing. It’s in my DNA.

See you soon!