It’s Been A While

So I just looked at the date of my last post and realized it’s been a year since I’ve updated anything on this site. That’s too long to go without providing some kind of update, and that’s on me.

My day job has taken up a lot of my time this past year. Too much, actually, but I’m admittedly a workaholic. But when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, right?

I’m in the enviable position to have a day job that I love as much as writing. I suppose I’m a little different than most writers in that respect. So many writers would love to quit their jobs and write full time, but I’ve never really felt that way. I want to keep my day job. I’ve proven over the past couple of years that a person can still write a lot of books and work a day job full time, provided one practices a little time management.

Between 2016 and 2017 I wrote twelve books, six per year, most of them full-size novels. I was really on a roll, churning out some of the best books I’ve ever written, and then a health issue, combined with switching jobs, stopped me in my tracks.

So it’s 2019 already and I’m ready to get back in the saddle. I now have the health issue somewhat under control, and I’ve made enough headway in my day job that I can kick back and work only a 40-hour week.

These things happen. Life throws curveballs. Problems get in the way. Sometimes that means that the writing suffers. Some writers give up. That’s okay if writing truly does not make these writers happy. But to use a bump in the road as an excuse to quit doing something you love? Well, that’s never been me.

I’m two chapters into my next book. I’m working on regaining the consistency I once had, but I’m making progress despite the fits and starts. Once I get back into the habit, the words will begin to stack up. I’ve also set a due date for my next book to help light a fire under my ass.

For those of you who’ve read my Badlands series, I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m writing a fourth full-length Badlands novel. I thought I was done with that series after finishing book three back in 2016, but apparently there’s more story to tell. I don’t outline, so I don’t yet know what’s going to happen to Ed and the crew. But I do know this much: something is coming, from the west.

Something very, very bad.

So thanks for hanging in there with me while I went on this little hiatus. I’m back, and I aim to knock your socks off with this next book. 🙂

I’ll Be Back Soon

After seven years of balls to the wall writing, I took some time off. I bought a new guitar and, after a nearly twenty-year hiatus, I’m back playing again. That’s been a ton of fun. I’m looking at buying a new amp at the end of the year, and that’s gonna be even more fun.

The time off has allowed me to put some distance between myself and my writing. I realize now I was too focused on writing a ton of books and way too focused on sales. It wasn’t fun anymore, but I was too close to see that.

I wrote my first short story when I was seventeen. I also picked up the guitar that same year. I quit both of these hobbies. I’ve now come back to both of them, but this time with the right attitude.

Expect a new novella from me this year. It’s a weird western that I’m pretty hyped about. I don’t really give a shit if it sells. I’m done with watching sales numbers and judging my work by it. Folks will buy it or they won’t. They’ll like it or they won’t. It’s cool either way.

I’m not sure if I’ll be writing at the same pace as before. Depends on how I feel. I’ll be splitting some of my time with guitar, but mostly I play in the evenings, so that leaves the mornings open still for writing.

If you signed up for my mailing list then you’ll know when the new book is available. Thanks for reading and for sticking around. There’s definitely more to come.

Badlands Trilogy

Several months back, I quietly released an omnibus containing the first three books of my Badlands series. Simply titled Badlands Trilogy, this edition contains three complete novels: Into the Badlands, Beyond the Badlands, and Out of the Badlands.

Badlands Trilogy

At the time, I thought the series was finished, aside from a few more novellas set within the same universe. But as it turned out, I realized there was more story there. Something unique enough, something interesting enough to warrant at least one more novel. Maybe more. I’m not sure how many, but definitely one more go around with Ed Brady and his family.

So if you haven’t yet picked up any of my Badlands books, you might want to consider getting the trilogy omnibus edition. You’ll save a couple of bucks in the process and get all three books in one handy edition.

Stay tuned right here at my blog for more info on the series as it develops. Better yet, sign up for my mailing list. You’ll be the first to know about new releases and you’ll get a free book just for signing up.

Winding Down 2017

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re heading into the sunset of yet another year. 2017 arrived with much promise and, thus far, it’s delivered as I’d hoped. But this isn’t a year-end recap; I’ll write that one in a few months. This is me checking in to let everybody know what’s going on and what to expect out of me over the next few months.

So far this year, I’ve published three books: Redemption in the BadlandsKryptos, and The Swingin’ Man. If you haven’t checked them out, head on over to my homepage and see what’s up.

A week or so ago, I finished the manuscript for my latest Badlands novella, titled Vengeance in the Badlands. It’s a complete rewrite of the novel I wrote back in 2014 and never published. It sucks to throw away an entire novel-length manuscript, but I just wasn’t happy with it as written. The new book is a little shorter, but the story more closely resembles the story I’d originally envisioned. The copy edit and proofread should be completed within the next couple of weeks, so look for that book at your favorite retailer around the end of October. If you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll be the first to know when it’s available, plus you’ll get a free book for signing up. Win-win. 🙂

I’m working on a short story that I think you’ll be interested in. It’s an “origin” story, detailing the events of the outbreak as experienced by Ed Brady and his family. That book will be free for all current and future mailing list subscribers. It’s also going to be exclusive-not sold in stores-only available by signing up.

I don’t yet have a release date for that one, but look for it before year’s end. And if you join my mailing list…well, you know the drill.

I’m taking a little time off from my production schedule to deal with some health issues (nothing life-threatening), to read and to “recharge the batteries”. I’ll still be writing, but I’m not sure what exactly. As a result, Badlands #4 (Back to the Badlands) will be pushed out a few months. I hate to delay the book, but if I’m not healthy I can’t properly write it anyway. It’s better to push the date and produce a better book than it would be to force a half-assed attempt out there. Nobody wants that.

And then there’s that half-finished horror novel manuscript I still have floating around…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So…there you have it. Look for Vengeance and Outbreak coming your way sooner than later, with more books to follow later than sooner. And remember; it’s tough out there for a playa these days, so if you like my work tell your friends, tell your family, maybe even write a review. And I’ll do you a solid and keep the books coming your way. 🙂

The Swingin’ Man

I got so busy that I almost forgot to pimp this sucker. The Swingin’ Man…available now in ebook at all major retailers. The paperback should be out within a week or so.

Click here to read more about it.


Summertime News

It seems like forever since I’ve updated, although my last post was back in April. I just finished a project, so it seemed a good time to provide an update on what’s been happening and what’s to come.

I’m about halfway through a novel I’ve named Dream Eater. Progress has been good, but with the distraction of a new job and all the summertime activities with my family, I took a break from it to write a few short stories.

As such, I now have a collection of twelve short stories collected over the past year, mostly stuff written between novels. It’s been fun just jumping into a new world every few days, compared to spending two months on a single novel. Now that I have enough short stories for a collection, I’ll be getting these copy edited and hopefully published by the end of July. If you want to be the first to know when it comes out, sign up for my mailing list. You’ll also receive a free book for signing up.

I’ve gone through some pretty upsetting job changes over the past year, so focusing on the writing has been a little challenging. But I’ve been at my new job for two months now and I’m loving it. The mental stability this provides will allow me to focus better when writing longer novels and novellas, so look for a few more books later this year.

I’ve written about 100,000 words this year and we’re halfway through it, so I’m a little behind on my goal of writing 300,000 words. But I’ve published two books so far with a third on the way. I think I can still get three more books out before year end. I plan to finish Dream Eater this year, but beyond that, I’m not sure what I’ll be working on. We’ll see where the muse takes me, I suppose. No matter what, 2017 has been SO much better than 2016 was. I had high hopes for this year, and so far I haven’t been let down.

Before I go, I’ll pimp my most recent releases, Kryptos and Redemption In the Badlands. Kryptos is a “creature feature”, chock-full of monsters and folks struggling to stay alive. Redemption brings us back to the Badlands world, catching up with Pastor Dan after Ed and Jasper left for Kansas City. Reviews have been good and it was a lot of fun to write. If you dug my other Badlands books, I think you’ll like this one too. While you’re at it, you can check out all my other books here.

Until next time, take it easy.

Two New Paperbacks

I’m pleased to announce that two of my latest titles are now available in paperback.

I Am The Darkness Redemption In the Badlands
I Am the Darkness, the second installment in my Tom Miller crime series, and Redemption In the Badlands, the latest addition to my Badlands series can now be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. And, if you order the paperback from Amazon, you’ll received the Kindle edition free with your purchase.

You can find out more by clicking the following links:

Thanks for reading!