I Finished My Book and Broke My Site

It’s been about a month since my last post. Since then, I finished my newest book, Devil Breed.

I also broke my website. I upgraded my Ubuntu Linux webserver and ended up without any PHP installed at all. What finally got installed ended up being PHP 7, which doesn’t seem to play nice with my WordPress Jetpack plugin (which means my sidebar just shrunk by about half its original size).

But you don’t give a crap about WordPress plugins or programming languages, do you?

So, back to the book…I finished it this morning. I don’t use outlines anymore, and this book had me counfounded for a while near the end. That’s okay (it’s part of the fun of writing into the dark), but it slowed me down a little. Then the lightbulb went off and I had the ending right there in front of me. Funny how your subsconscious sorts things out when you give it time to work.

I surely didn’t expect the book to go in the direction it did. It surprised me, so I’m hoping it’ll surprise readers as well. Devil Breed is a horror story, no doubt, but it gets weird at the end. Very surreal. But the way it all ties together…I couldn’t have planned that. It was totally organic. I’m pretty happy with it.

I’m not doing a preorder on Devil Breed, so if you want to know when it comes out consider signing up for my newsletter. You’ll be the first to know when new books are released and I’ll send you a free book just for signing up.

I Am The DarknessSo…what’s next? Still thinking on that one. I’ll start writing it tomorrow, so I’d better figure it out soon. I’m thinking I need to breathe some life into my Serial Killer Hunter novella series. I might write the next two books and release them simultaneously. It only takes me about a month to write one of these (they’re about half the size of a novel). Getting two more books out in the series might convince folks on the fence that I haven’t neglected the series and plan to keep it going. Besides, I already have a cover for book #2, ready to go.

I have no idea what’s going to happen in this one. I know that Tom is looking for a killer who murdered a young girl away at college. The cops haven’t turned anything up, but Tom hasn’t had a chance to take a crack at it yet. And to get answers, he’s willing to do things that no cop will do. After all, he really has nothing left to lose.

While I’m pimping, why not pick up book #1 now? And if you like murder mysteries, my novel Familiar Lies was published just last week. Oh, and buy my other crap too. You got money to burn, right?

Until next time, keep drinking.

Up Next: Devil Breed

I’m a little more than halfway through the first draft of my new book, so it seems like a good time to announce it. It’s called Devil Breed; a horror novel set in a small town where everyone seems to have something to hide. Here’s the synopsis:

When Eric Bradley was thirteen, something viciously killed his brother during a family camping trip near the small town of Sander’s Run, leaving Eric barely alive and bleeding out on the forest floor.

The authorities said it was a wild animal, but Eric knows it was something much worse.

Now, fourteen years later, Eric has returned to Sander’s Run with a single goal: to find and kill the thing responsible for his brother’s death.

Sander’s Run is a town full of secrets; a place where everyone has something to hide. To find the monster that killed his brother, Eric will have to follow it into the shadows where it lives…and hunts.

But the shadows conceal more than monsters. In the shadows are answers that will force Eric to question everything he thought he knew about what happened to his brother.

And everything he thought he knew about reality itself.

I’m making decent progress on this one, especially now that all my backlogged books have been published. I figure this manuscript will be finished by the end of May, so likely a mid-summer release. If you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll be the first to know when it’s available. I might even run a short preorder sale on this one, heavily discounted and advertised only to members of my mailing list.

I’m also working on other perks for mailing list members. More on that later.

Speaking of backlog, my weird western The Saint, the Sinner and the Coward is now available to read immediately on your Kindle, iPhone or iPad, Kobo, Nook, or any other reader. Not sure when it’ll make it to paperback, but it should get there eventually. And don’t forget that book #3 in the Badlands trilogy, Out of the Badlands, is also available now.

Until next time, take it easy.

A New Book and Price Drops

With Out of the Badlands going live on April 16th, I’ve decided to run a sale on book #1 in the trilogy. For a limited time you can pick up Into the Badlands for $.99 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboApple or Smashwords. If you haven’t already started the series, now’s a great time to do so.

I’ve also decided to lower the price on my weird western, The Saint, the Sinner and the Coward, to $.99 during the remainder of the preorder. That’s 75% off the regular $3.99 price. You can preorder at this reduced price from Amazon, KoboApple or Smashwords. Hurry though; sale ends on May 21st. (Don’t worry; if you already preordered at the full price you’ll be charged the lower, discounted price on release day.)

I also have a new book for preorder called Familiar Lies. It’ll be released July 5th and is on sale for $.99 during the preorder period – 75% off the regular price. Here’s the gist:

When Max Williamson’s teenage son Josh died in a climbing accident, Max’s world fell apart.

But a year later when Max stumbles upon a letter hidden in his son’s room—a letter that suggests Josh might have been murdered—Max begins his own investigation.

As he gets closer to the truth about what really happened to his son, Max finds himself caught up in a seedy underworld of lies, corruption and exploitation. Max quickly becomes a target and the only way to stay alive is to expose the truth.

But the truth is a double edged sword. What Max learns could save his life.

Or the truth could just as easily tear him apart.

This one is Amazon only for now and you can preorder here.

The Trilogy Is Complete

My Badlands Trilogy is finally complete.

I started this series back in 2011. Into the Badlands was the first book I’d written after discovering I could publish myself on this “Kindle” thingamajig. I made a lot of mistakes while also getting a lot of it right with this book. I learned more than I can explain writing and publishing this book (I also sold a ton of them, which didn’t hurt).

I teed it up for a sequel, but it took two years before I finally published that book, aptly titled Beyond the Badlands.

Then it took another three years for the third book in the trilogy, Out of the Badlands, to finally see the light of day.

All these years later, Into the Badlands literally changed my life.

So, I humbly offer up to you the final book in the trilogy, available for preorder right now. It’ll hit your Kindle on April 16th and you’ll save a buck if you preorder now.

Either way, I hope you dig it.


Finally Coming Up For Air

I’ve been heads down for much of March getting my Mothman book revised. That work is complete now, so I’ve decided to take a break from the work and let everybody know what’s going to be coming down the pike from me over the next month or so.

The Mothman book in question, It Came From the Mountain, is available for preorder now. It’ll be released on March 31st. It’s a short novel and hopefully, most folks will find it to be a fun read.

Next up is Out of the Badlands, the third and final book in my Badlands trilogy. I got my edits back and I’ll be working those this weekend. This book is also available for preorder now. You might want to jump on this one because if you preorder it you save a buck off the normal price. It’ll be released on April 16th, so you have until the day prior to preorder.

My weird western, The Saint, the Sinner and the Coward, is also available for preorder. You can save a dollar on this one too if you pre-order before May 21st.

Familiar Lies, the murder mystery I was working on last month, is now finished and ready to go off to the editor. Look for that book to hit preorder in the next month or two.

I put my zombie book on hold because I’m just not feeling it. No reason to muddle through and produce subpar work. I’ll come back to it later. Right now I’m working on a new horror novel that I’m pretty excited about.

Because of the revision work needed to get the Mothman book ready for publication, I didn’t write many new words in March. That hiatus is over now, so it’s back to work for me. We’ll talk word counts later once I’m back to speed again in April.

Weekly Digest, Episode 7

I’m late, I know. But let’s just go anyway. I’ll keep it short. With this much vodka in me, it’s probably for the best.

Word counts for the past few weeks:

  • 2/7/2016 – 2/13/2016: 10,401
  • 2/14/2016 – 2/20/2016: 9,238
  • 2/21/2016 – 2/27/2016: 10,807

Progress is screaming on Familiar Lies. I’m 1-2 days out from finishing the manuscript. I love how it’s turned out so far.

By the way, I have a couple of new books up for preorder. It Came From the Mountain and The Saint, The Sinner and the Coward. The first is a pseudo-Mothman book and the second is a “weird western”. Both can be purchased using links found here.

Kindle Instant Preview

So I figured I’d try out this Amazon book previewer thing and whorishly chose my most recent release to do it. 🙂 Here you go…

Weird Western Finished

I finally finished the weird western book I’ve been writing for the past couple of months. (Tentative cover attached.)

I started the book on November 18, 2015 and finished today, January 13, 2016. Close enough to two months duration to call it that. It clocked in just shy of 75,000 words or roughly 300 pages.

It took me 57 days to write it, so an average of just over 1,300 words (5 pages) per day. Not bad, but a little slower than I normally write. I’m fine with that; some books just take a little longer. It’s also worth mentioning that I wrote those 57 days consecutively, without missing a single day. That’s the first time I’ve ever accomplished such a feat while writing a book.

Now what’s awesome is that before I picked up on Chris Fox’s sprinting technique it would have taken me an entire year to write this book. So that would have been it for me in 2016; just this one book that I agonized over for eight months in first draft before rewriting it eight or ten times in revisions.

Instead, it took me two months, start to finish.

Consistency is king. Also, I didn’t rewrite the shit out of it.

It’ll be a while before I can get this manuscript into my editor, but it’ll be published later this year. Now my only problem is figuring which book I start on tomorrow morning. 🙂