J.C. for Prez

Passed this while on a walk through my neighborhood a day or two ago. I didn’t even know he was running.

My Town

Improv Cooking

Just made this dish for myself and the kids…mostly out of leftovers:


I wonder if the name gives away the surprise?


Now THESE Are Halloween Costumes

No princesses, no super heroes, no cartoon characters. Just the manifestation of your nightmares at your doorstep.

Better give them some candy and hope they go away.


Monster Squad Speaks the Truth

This past October I watched the movie again…haven’t seen it since I was a kid in the theater in 1987. When I saw the shirt, I had to have it, so my wife got it for me for Christmas:


If you’re too young or too old to get the reference (or maybe too lazy to look it up), I did the work for you.