It’s done. Finished the manuscript yesterday. I’m shooting for a February 18th publication date (that’s my birthday). Here’s the cover and the synopsis.



Life as the constable of a quiet vacation island has been good to Marty. Unlike big city cops, he’s managed to avoid the worst of the job.

But when he gets a call about a murder-suicide, he’s sure it will be the worst thing he’s ever seen.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Something is coming to the island tonight. Something terrible. Something unspeakable.

And it won’t stop until everyone on the planet is dead.

Finally Coming Up For Air

I’ve been heads down for much of March getting my Mothman book revised. That work is complete now, so I’ve decided to take a break from the work and let everybody know what’s going to be coming down the pike from me over the next month or so.

The Mothman book in question, It Came From the Mountain, is available for preorder now. It’ll be released on March 31st. It’s a short novel and hopefully, most folks will find it to be a fun read.

Next up is Out of the Badlands, the third and final book in my Badlands trilogy. I got my edits back and I’ll be working those this weekend. This book is also available for preorder now. You might want to jump on this one because if you preorder it you save a buck off the normal price. It’ll be released on April 16th, so you have until the day prior to preorder.

My weird western, The Saint, the Sinner and the Coward, is also available for preorder. You can save a dollar on this one too if you pre-order before May 21st.

Familiar Lies, the murder mystery I was working on last month, is now finished and ready to go off to the editor. Look for that book to hit preorder in the next month or two.

I put my zombie book on hold because I’m just not feeling it. No reason to muddle through and produce subpar work. I’ll come back to it later. Right now I’m working on a new horror novel that I’m pretty excited about.

Because of the revision work needed to get the Mothman book ready for publication, I didn’t write many new words in March. That hiatus is over now, so it’s back to work for me. We’ll talk word counts later once I’m back to speed again in April.