Devil Breed Paperback Proof Is In

Just got the proof copy of the paperback edition of Devil Breed. It looks great, so we’re all set for the August 27th release in both ebook and paperback.

And like all my paperbacks, if you buy it you get the Kindle ebook for free.

So if you like a good monster mystery with an unexpected ending, you might want to pick this baby up.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world!

Paperbacks Are Ready

Good news; the new paperbacks are ready to go! I now have eight novels, two novellas, and one collection of short stories all available on paper. Also, if you pick up one of the paperbacks from Amazon, you get the Kindle version for no additional charge.

This time around, I’ll have the paperback version of my upcoming novel, Devil Breed, available on August 27th, the same day as the ebook. Pretty cool, eh?

You can pick these babies up at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Unfortunately, you can’t get the Nook ebook version included along for free from B&N like you can from Amazon.)

So if you’re interested in picking up a paperback copy of any of my books, follow this link to my books page and choose your title. Click on the Amazon or B&N link at the bottom of the page and it’ll take you right where you need to go.



A loyal reader recently lit a fire under my ass when he when asked about Badlands #3 (Out of the Badlands) coming out in paperback. So, I got inspired and I spent the last two days making paperbacks for all my novels (and one novella) that currently do not have paperback editions.

Look for those soon; I’ll probably send something out to the mailing list about it too. I also revamped the paperbacks for Into the Badlands and Beyond the Badlands while I was at it, putting new covers on the books and fixing some typographical errors still outstanding.

In addition to Out of the Badlands, new titles coming soon in paperback are The Saint, the Sinner and the Coward, Familiar Lies, Yesterday In Black, and It Came From the Mountain.

As always, if you buy the paperback you get the Kindle edition for free. Great for gift-giving to family members who don’t have Kindles. It’s a win-win. (Remember that come the holidays.)  🙂