Beyond the Badlands (2013)

* The end of the world was only the beginning. *

Who survived The Badlands to make it to the city by the river? Was the city truly a safe haven, or just another dead end, teeming with hordes of the infected? What else is in store for those who survived?

In the dramatic second installment of Into the Badlands, the fate of the survivors and the truth about the city by the river is finally revealed. For some the journey has ended, but for those who remain, surviving the end of the world will be only the beginning.

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  • Genre(s): Psychological Thrillers, Post-apocalyptic, Horror
  • Tags(s): zombie, pandemic, father and son, virus, zombie apocalypse, zombie horror

* * *

Praise for Beyond the Badlands (from Amazon reviews and reader feedback):

  • “As a fan of Into The Badlands, I was eagerly awaiting the sequel and it did not disappoint.”
  • “I really enjoyed this one.”
  • “…non stop action from the first page. Will be looking forward to rest of story.”
  • “Definitely recommend these books to anyone looking for a fast paced and action packed read.”
  • “…I went back and read the first book (it was still awesome). This sequel was just as good as the first book.”
  • “Couldn’t put it down…I’m eager to read the next installment in the series.”
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