Into the Badlands

Three years after a devastating pandemic transformed humanity into vicious and wild creatures, Ed Brady struggles to protect his two sons. His wife is dead. His boys are all that matter to him now, his only reason for living.

They’re headed to St. Louis, Missouri, a city that might provide a safe haven. With only a garbled radio transmission to go on, the city is their last hope.

Miles of ruined countryside lie between, populated with infected hordes and lawless criminals. The journey will be hell. To survive, they’ll have to rely on each other completely, never letting their guard down.

If Ed is right about the city, he’ll find salvation for his sons.

If he’s wrong, he’ll lose everything he loves.

Book 1 in the Badlands series.

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“A fast paced action packed page turner with great characters and plot. Very hard to put down.” – Kobo reviewer

“This seriously could be made into a movie. It’s that good.” – Amazon reviewer

“LOVED this book!! I was hooked and could not stop reading.” – Nook reviewer




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