The Swingin’ Man

A collection of twelve frighteningly provocative short stories from author Brian J. Jarrett.

The Others
Proving they exist will have deadly consequences.

Pine Lake
Four friends discover the horror of what lies beneath the lake’s pristine surface.

A small-time criminal learns what it really means to have that killer instinct.

Into the Machine
In a world where virtual reality offers escape, one man will learn it can also be a prison.

Trash Bag Man
He followed a homeless man off the subway. Now his life will never again be the same.

Social Work
An uncaring social worker learns that some families should be left alone.

The Swingin’ Man
A small-town sheriff discovers that not all legends are imaginary.

Can delusion be contagious? A psychiatrist is about to find out.

The Signal
First contact won’t at all be like we expected.

Corner Monster
Whatever you do, stay out of the dark.

Until Death Do Us Part
Vengeance takes many forms.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served on a Dark Night
In a ghost town saloon on a cold and windy night, three gunslingers square up.

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