Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands Cover 251x400

It’s been three years since a devastating pandemic transformed most of the world’s human population into vicious, wild animals. Ed Brady and his two sons have relied solely on each other in order to survive a world completely devoid of stability and structure. Their goal: reach the city by the river where they may have some chance of finding salvation.
As Ed and his boys travel across the wasteland that was once the Midwestern United States, they encounter other survivors along the way: Trish Connor, who discovers that some of the worst monsters in the new world aren’t the infected. Dave Porter, his wife and their friend, who eke out a living scavenging houses until their survival is threatened by two gunmen. Brenda Peterson and Tammy Koch, misfits in the old world, whose friendship will be tested by new acquaintances. And Mitchell Burdette, a grizzled old gunslinger who finds redemption and purpose after losing everything to the virus.

As their paths inevitably intertwine, Ed must remain steadfast that his sworn mission to see that his boys know safety and happiness is not compromised. Surrounded by the constant threat of attack, can they make it to the city before their luck runs out? And if they can, what will be waiting for them there when they arrive? Will the city be the safe haven they so desperately need, or will it be just another ruined metropolis teeming with hordes of the infected?

Beyond the Badlands

Beyond the Badlands Cover 251x400

Who survived The Badlands to make it to the city by the river? Was the city truly a safe haven, or just another dead end, teeming with hordes of the infected? What else is in store for those who survived?

In the dramatic second installment of Into the Badlands, the fate of the survivors and the truth about the city by the river is finally revealed. For some the journey has ended, but for those who remain, surviving the end of the world will be only the beginning.

The Desolate

The Desolate Cover 251x400

In an attempt to rebuild his life from the wreckage of a failed marriage, Scott Stevenson moves to a small town miles away from the problems of his former life. There he buys a new home, makes a friend, and even catches the eye of a local girl.

But something is very wrong in this idyllic, Midwestern town. Mutilated bodies of young women are turning up, chilling displays of savage brutality the town has never before seen. The victims all bear a striking resemblance to the new lady in Scott’s life and, worse still, the law is more than suspicious of the “new guy in town”.

Scott soon finds himself in the way of a killer. Fearful for the safety of his girlfriend and himself, Scott must tap into his darker side, his evil side, in order to survive. There he’ll discover a path to a place more desolate than he could ever imagine.

The Desolate is a fast-paced, dark horror thriller filled with murder, suspense, mystery, and deception.

This book contains strong language and graphic scenes of violence. It is recommended only for mature audiences.

Wishes and Desires

Wishes and Desires Cover 251x400

Bill Moore is a man with wishes. He wishes for a promotion at work, for respect, for acknowledgment.

When he meets a peculiar man riding a rickety bicycle, the man claims to possess a device that can channel the spirits and satisfy Bill’s desires – for the cost of a small favor. Desperate to have his wishes granted, Bill accepts.

It’s not long before Bill learns that nothing comes cheap…and wishes are not the same as desires.

Walking At Night

Walking At Night Cover 251x400A childhood evil thought long dead reawakens. In the deep, dark woods death methodically stalks its prey. A strange mirror found in an unknown cave is much more than it appears to be. The perfect plan takes an unexpected turn, while death comes for everyone in frighteningly different shapes and forms. A tortured survivor quests endlessly for atonement that may never come. Strange and terrifying creatures that shouldn’t exist, do.

These are some of the chilling and speculative themes found in Brian J. Jarrett’s Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror. A work some fifteen years in the making, this collection features some of the author’s darkest themes and some of his strangest worlds yet imagined. Walking At Night will take readers on nine suspense-filled trips to the dark side of humanity, and to places beyond the realm of science and reason.

Muster Drill

Muster Drill Cover 251x400

Terror on the high seas…

It was supposed to be three days of fun on a weekend cruise. Instead, this small group of friends find themselves fighting for their lives against passengers and crew inexplicably transformed into vicious and bloodthirsty savages.

Trapped in open waters, surviving the ship is only the beginning.

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